Though we only have two human Jerry’s, there are four of us in total.


Aaron is the brains of this setup and let’s be real, does the vast majority of the work on the camper. He also spends the most time in it. He’s got a collective 3-4 years spent living out of this camper. Aaron is a Travel RN and has worked at hospitals all over the west and lived in a lot of parking lots while he works. In his free time, Aaron likes collecting surfboards, looking at camper porn and spooning with dogs.


Cass works 6 months of the year alongside her dad as the manager of her family’s whitewater rafting company. She has a writing and marketing background and attempts to work on the road during the other 6 months of the year. When she’s not working or traveling, Cass searches for the perfect chicken wing, goes skiing and knits while binge-watching trashy teen tv shows.


12 year old Newfoundland Oscar is the true patriarch of the family. Oscar has spent over 2 years traveling around Mexico and Central America and has retired from traveling in his old age. Oscar is currently staying at the old folk’s home (grandma & grandpa’s) where he enjoys scrambled eggs on his kibble and barking at other dogs to get off his lawn.


This little street dog took advantage of a well-timed hurricane and slept under the camper while we were in Mexico. We let her in to get out of the rain for what was supposed to be just one night and here we are 3 years later. Piña’s favorite activities are mean mugging people, eating trash and rearranging her blankies.